Dave Cowan

man in blue shirt and suit smiling against blue background
Managing Director, Consulting and Program Support Director
703-570-5355 ext. 104
Minneapolis, MN

As the Consulting and Program Support Director at Safe Routes Partnership, Dave Cowan leads the organization's technical assistance and consulting services, delivering expertise, training, and resources to a diverse range of stakeholders. He develops publications and other resources, assists with local and state campaigns, and coordinates trainings and webinars through the Safe Routes Partnership’s Safe Routes Learning Center. Dave's strategic and hands-on approach is crucial in shaping policies and resources that support communities nationwide in embracing more active, inclusive transportation systems.

With over 15 years in the field, Dave's journey to the Safe Routes Partnership was paved with significant roles in various organizations dedicated to active transportation and community health. As the Safe Routes to School Coordinator at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), he spearheaded innovative initiatives to enhance safety and accessibility equitably for all students. Additionally, Dave's diverse background includes impactful roles at Bicycle Colorado, where he significantly expanded educational outreach; at Trips for Kids Denver, where he led organizational growth; and at Free Bikes 4 Kidz, where his collaboration contributed to a Guinness World Record achievement. These experiences have not only enriched Dave's expertise but also deepened his understanding of the diverse needs and challenges in promoting active transportation and community well-being.

Outside of work, Dave's life mirrors his professional passion. He enjoys biking or walking his kids to school, valuing these moments as opportunities for family and community bonding. An avid mountain biker and bikepacker, Dave enjoys the opportunity to convene with nature, whether it's camping under the stars or discovering new trails. His personal and professional lives are intertwined in his commitment to a healthy, active, environmentally conscious lifestyle.