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During Hispanic Heritage Month, Let’s Think About How We Value Cultural Knowledge

When I reflect on my Hispanic heritage, the first thing I think about is food. I think about the savory aroma of Cuban rice and beans or sweet, syrupy flan. I hear the laughter of my family mixed with our particular brand of Spanglish and the inevitable music that leaves chairs and tables banished to the edges of the room to make way for our dancing.

Dollars and Deadlines: A State-by-State look at the Transportation Alternatives Program

By now, we hope you know that every state received a massive influx of funding to the Transportation Alternatives Program, the primary source of federal funding for walking, bicycling, and Safe Routes to School.

New Program Profile: Reconnecting Communities, Plus: What’s in the Reconciliation Bill for Active Transportation?

As 2022 chugs along, so does the rollout of new funding and programs created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

$1B This Year for New Roadway Safety Program – How Can Safe Routes to School Get Involved?

USDOT is competing out $1 billion in funding to support communities to plan for and implement strategies that reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries, and it is an opportunity to elevate or re-invigorate Safe Routes to School in your community! With $1B in federal funds available to communities, Safe Routes to School practitioners can collaborate with community leaders to make sure Safe Routes to School is part of the solution to reduce traffic injuries and deaths.

Guidance is Out – What Does it Mean for Safe Routes to School?

The Federal Highway Administration released guidance on the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) (2/2/22) and the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) (3/30/22) and held a webinar on the Transportation Alternatives Program guidance (6/2/22).