One of the great ways that we love to share resources and expertise is through our regular webinars. Our webinars feature our staff and incredible advocates, Safe Routes to School program staff, government officials, elected leaders, and others from around the country sharing their knowledge and learning on a diverse range of topics.

Upcoming Webinars

There are currently no upcoming webinars scheduled. Scroll down to see archived webinars.

Archived Webinars

Getting Safe Routes to School and Student Transportation Departments to Work Together

This webinar from July 17, 2014 addresses how collaboration between Safe Routes to School and student transportation departments can enable children to get to school safely, while supporting a comprehensive school transportation system. 

This webinar is part two of a two-part series that will explore in depth tried and true methods for working with volunteers in Safe Routes to School programs, as well as other school and community-based volunteer initiatives.

This webinar is part one of a series of two webinars that will explore in depth tried-and-true methods for working with volunteers in Safe Routes to School programs and other school-based volunteer initiatives.

This webinar from March 20, 2014 discusses the influence of school district policies on walking and bicycling to school and resources for engaging school board members.

Implementing the Best Curriculum for Your Community

This webinar from February 20, 2014 discusses how to choose and implement the best bicycle safety curriculum for your community.

Addressing Liability Concerns Related to Walking School Buses, Bike Trains, Remote Drop-Off and More

This webinar from January 16, 2014 discusses basic liability concepts and then delves into issues related to walking school buses, remote drop offs and bike trains.

This webinar from November 21, 2013 provides perspective on the importance of MAP-21 funding in underserved communities.

Engaging School Administrators in the Shared Use of School Facilities to Increase Physical Activity Opportunities for Kids

This webinar from November 6, 2013 provides examples and key resources to assist in starting conversations about shared use and building relationships with school board members, school administrators and principals.

Let's Get Moving to Help Underserved Communities

This webinar from September 26, 2013 discusses how the Safe Routes Partnership can help support campaigns to increase shared use and street scale improvements in underserved communities.

This webinar from September 5, 2013 focuses on working with middle school youth and looks at programs that have effectively engaged youth in active transportation.