Statewide News: State Redirects $100M Towards Complete Streets Projects

After the veto of SB 127, the Complete Streets legislation, we continue to work with our partners and CalTrans on development of a statewide Complete Streets Action Plan. While that plan continues to be refined, we are pleased at CalTrans’ demonstration of their commitment to Complete Streets:  for the 2020 cycle of the SHOPP (State Highway Operations and Protection Program), CalTrans will redirect $100 million from the program towards Complete Streets elements. The $100 million will be culled from other previously approved projects that can either have their scopes reduced or can be delayed. At their May 13 meeting, the California Transportation Commission approved $42 million of the reservation and committed to approving the other $58 million at the June meeting. A total of 22 projects have already been identified for these funds, and we are working with CalTrans to develop an equitable engagement process to identify the best projects for the other half of the funding. We are certainly pleased that CalTrans has made these adjustments at such a late stage in the 2020 SHOPP Cycle to show their commitment to Complete Streets.  For future cycles, we and our partners have asked the CTC to build in the planning and community engagement around Complete Streets on the state highway system to be built in from the start.

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