Safe Routes in All Weather Photo Library

This is a crowdsourced photo library featuring walking and rolling to schools, parks, and around the community in all types of weather - rainy, gusty, snowy, and sunny!

We are pleased to offer this photo library as a resource for our community partners to promote walking and rolling year-round. 

Instructions for use: Photos are available for non-commercial use only. All photos are labeled with the photographer's name. Please provide attribution to the photographer wherever photos are used.

Help us add to the library! We welcome you to share your Safe Routes in All Weather photos so that we can continue to add to the collection and offer a useful resource to community partners. See below for tips and instructions on submitting a photo.

  • Showcase walking, rolling, and being active in all seasons – rain, snow, wind, heat, you name it!
  • The best photos have people in them, as opposed to just a streetscape, parkscape, or infrastructure.
  • In all photos, people should be exhibiting safe travel behavior and wearing helmets if they are rolling on a bike or scooter.
  • Puddles, snow, rain boots and raincoats, parkas, hats, and gloves are encouraged!
  • Showcase your community's sidewalks, walking and rolling paths, and parks.

How to Submit a Photo

  • Complete the online submission form.
  • Obtain Photo Consent and Release Forms: Each individual or the parent/guardian of a minor that appears in the submitted photograph must sign Photo Consent and Release Form (also available in Spanish) granting the right to use their likeness on open access websites, social media, and other forms of print or electronic publication. Photos of public spaces do NOT need to submit Media Permission Forms.
  • Email your photos and media permission forms to
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