Build Your Own School District Policy to Advance Safe Routes to School


This webinar from March 20, 2014 discusses the influence of school district policies on walking and bicycling to school and resources for engaging school board members.

Building your own Safe Routes to School district policy became easier with the build-your-own policy tool. In our next webinar, panelists discuss the influence of school district policies on walking and bicycling to school and share new resources for engaging school board members. Attendees hear about various policy opportunities at the district level and a new, free online workbook for building and customizing their own policies. Finally, attendees hear case study about the rural community of Winton, California where adistrict level Safe Routes to School policy was recently passed.


  • Dave Cowan, program manager, Safe Routes to School Safe Routes Partnership
  • Ben Winig, senior staff attorney and program director, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Sara Zimmerman, technical assistance director, Safe Routes to SchoolSafe Routes Partnership 
  • Marie Pickney, Health Education Specialist, Merced County Department of Public Health
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