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Safe Routes to School: Reports, Evaluations, and Toolkits
Safe Routes to School Communications Toolkit

This toolkit includes communications resources, content and collateral that you can customize and share to get more schools, parents and students involved. We encourage you to use them in your outreach and campaigns.

Bike Swap Instructions

A Community Bike Swap is a way to
refurbish and redistribute community bikes. It
engages participants to find bikes that fit them or their children better and is
a low to no-cost way to encourage bicycle ridership when paired with other
education or promotional events/rides or otherwise.

Bike Assessment

Assessment for bicycle to see if fit to be swapped 

Bus Stop and Walk

The Bus Stop and Walk (BSW) program takes Safe Routes to School to another level by ensuring that every student is provided the opportunity to walk to school.

California Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum for Grades 4 and 5

Safe Routes to School programs make walking and bicycling to school safer and more accessible for children, including those with disabilities, and increase the number of children who choose to walk and bicycle. Safe Routes to School programs can benefit communities by enhancing children’s health and safety, well-being, and academic performance.

Physical Distancing

The E-Toolkit is a guiding document for Safe Routes To School Coordinators and educators to use on social media to engage, encourage, and educate students in Oregon through Safe Routes to School programming even while students are not able to physically attend school.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Promotional Toolkit

This promotional toolkit can be used to disseminate the report, “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: COVID-19’s Impact on Youth Physical Activity and Safe Routes to School."

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back:

This report illustrates how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the health of youth and their families by impacting their physical activity.

Investing in Health, Safety, and Mobility: A Report on State Funding for Walking, Bicycling, and Safe Routes to School

This report includes an analysis of the amounts of funding each state dedicates to walking, bicycling, and Safe Routes to School and the source of these funds. Case studies and suggestions are provided for how states can develop funding streams that are dedicated to walking, bicycling, and/or Safe Routes to School.

Walking and Biking

Family Walks and family bike rides with route ideas and safety instructions.