Mapping the Walk to School Using Accelerometry Combined with a Global Positioning System

This study combined accelerometer and GPS data to investigate the level and location of physical activity in children walking to school.

  • Mean accelerometer counts per minute before school were 43% higher in children who walked to school than those traveling by car.
  • 11% of daily moderate to vigorous physical activity occurred during the walk to school.
  • Total activity during the walk to school was twice that in the playground, with the journey to school contributing three times as much moderate to vigorous physical activity as time in the playground.

Cooper, Ashley R., Page, Angie S., Wheeler, Benedict W., Griew, Pippa, Davis, Laura, Hillsdon, Melvyn, and Jago, Russell. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 38.2 (2010): 178-183.

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