Estimating the Number of Children Who Can Walk to School

National estimates suggest that 14%-19% of children walk to school while state and local estimates suggest that 4% to 20% of children walk to school.

  • The most commonly reported reason by parents why children do not walk to school is distance (62%).
  • This study estimates the percentage of children in Georgia who live within a safe and reasonable walking distance from school.
  • Results report that the estimated percentage of potential walkers is well below 50% for all but the 1-mile radius for early and late elementary school students.
  • This study suggests that increasing the percentage of students who walk will require educational efforts and changes to the built environment.

Falb, Matthew D., Kanny, Dafna, Powell, Kenneth E., and Giarrusso, Anthony J. “Estimating the Number of Children Who Can Walk to School.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 33.4 (2007): 269-275.

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