Safe Routes to Healthy Food Report and Action Agenda

Connecting Active Transportation to Healthy Food Access

Whether people are shopping at a supermarket or corner store, getting food from a food pantry, eating at a local restaurant, or picking up produce at a farmers market or community garden, everyone needs a safe and reliable way to get to the places where they obtain foods.

No one should have to risk their life or spend hundreds of hours a year traveling simply to access healthy food. This report reviews the scope of the problem of transportation access to healthy food, describes a vision for addressing it, and lays out a set of recommendations for policies and practices that can let people safely access healthy food by foot, bicycle, or transit.

Our vision for Safe Routes to Healthy Food is that people of all ages, abilities, races, ethnicities and income levels are able to safely, conveniently, and affordably walk, bike, take public transportation, or roll to access nutritious foods that are high-quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable.

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