Kodiak Island Shared Use Agreement

The Borough/City/District partnership has effectively maximized the use of their respective facilities to meet community and student needs, beyond what each could do alone. 

In addition, to creating more opportunities for their respective constituent groups, sharing facilities has led to greater efficiencies in cost and operations. The Borough City and District acknowledge the value of their collaboration and seek to extend their working relationships. 

In order to maximize the use of their facilities for the benefit  of the community, the three agencies will continue to provide priority access to each other, continue to equitably share their resources, and continue to give priority to programs that benefit Kodiak youth and the community as a whole. Additionally, the Borough, the City and District believe that they can accomplish their objectives and,  at the same time, encourage other community-based recreational activities by forming a cooperative partnership involving the Borough, City, District, and the community. All three agencies support the goal of increasing community access and use of Borough, City, and District facilities and grounds.

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