Central Lane MPO advances Beaver-Hunsaker project

Following a tragic pedestrian fatality earlier this year, the Central Lane MPO has committed funds to begin making safety improvements along the Beaver-Hunsaker Corridor in North Eugene. While resources were already programmed for 2021 to begin designing significant long-term improvements for the corridor, policy makers heard loud and clear that the community couldn’t wait any longer to get serious about safety. Earlier this month, we joined advocates and planners in requesting $600,000 to begin implementing short-term safety improvements sooner than later.

Lane County submitted the application for a new walking path, a rapid flashing beacon, and to resurface the existing roadway to allow additional pedestrian travel space, separated by delineators. The Central Lane MPO Policy Committee held a hearing on May 2 and approved these funds for construction in 2020. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and we believe this action demonstrates that policy makers have listened to the community and are ready to take steps to begin making overdue safety improvements for kids, families and people of all ages in Beaver-Hunsaker neighborhood. Click here to review the approved application and project details.

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