Juneteenth! A Time to Celebrate History, Recognize Inequities, and Create Change!

Juneteenth was originally celebrated in Galveston Texas, on June 19, 1866. It marked the first anniversary of the day that African Americans there first learned of the Emancipation Proclamation, more than two years after it was initially issued.

As we recognize the day that enslaved people in Galveston received the message that the Civil War and slavery were over, and the Emancipation Proclamation intended to end slavery, we must also acknowledge that systemic racism and its subsequent inequities still exist today disproportionately impacting African American and Black communities.

In our mission of building healthy, thriving communities, we see firsthand that communities of color are full of life, cultural connectedness, and determination, and by working collectively to create positive, equitable change in these communities, we benefit as a country. Today, we ask that you share the knowledge of the injustices in our system and take the necessary steps to create a more equitable future.

  •  Support resources for communities that have been most harmed by past policy and funding decisions. Learn about the historical context of today’s transportation inequities in our video https://bit.ly/3d1Rw6X
  •  Advocate to repeal and modify traffic laws related to walking & bicycling that fail to meet their intended safety goals and instead lead to racialized enforcement of people walking & bicycling. Learn how with this resource https://bit.ly/3tOTGzp
  • Create spaces where all individuals feel accepted and safe by improving safety without the reliance on police to reduce the risk of police violence toward people of color. Read our strategies in our blog https://bit.ly/3xWgikx