Get Rolling for Bike to School Day!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 is National Bike to School Day. Thousands of students across the country will be riding, scootering, rolling, and walking to participate. Get your school, families, students, and friends involved in the fun with one or more of the ideas below. Ask your school to make an announcement with ideas for participating today!

Start by taking five minutes to register your school for free at Walk & Bike To School.

Want to plan a route to school for May 9th? Use our Guide to Creating Walking Route Maps for Safe Routes to School. This resource works for all types of travel: walking, bicycling, scootering, and rolling. Share your ideas with students, parents, and staff at your school.

  1. Organize a bike train for May 9th along one of these routes. For tips on bike trains see the Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round toolkit or Get Rolling with a Bike Train handout.
  2. For students that live further than one or two miles from school, consider planning a remote drop off option for Bike to School Day. Find a central location such as a park or library a short distance away from the school. Use this location as a starting point for a group bike ride to school on May 9th.
  3. Organize a bicycle ride around the playground or school grounds before school. This option is great for schools that do not currently have places to safely bike to s

At school, find out how many people participated with classroom tallies. Ask students to raise their hands if they participated. Have one student record class totals and a staff member add together all of the classrooms.

Share your numbers, photos, and feelings about Bike to School day with your friends and community. Include Bike to School Day reflections in social media, newsletters, and school announcements.

Build off of your success, keep the momentum going and plan a monthly bike to school day for the rest of the year!