California Network Launches ATP Topic Series

Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s California Network presents the Active Transportation Program Topic Series

During the next six months the California Transportation Commission will determine overall guidelines and implement the first round of funding for the Active Transportation Program. Changes in funding programming pose a new challenge for local practitioners.

Information sharing between local governments, community groups, health advocates, and state agencies helps ensure a smooth, equitable funding program where the most needed and deserving projects rise to the top.

The ATP Speakers Series brings together key stakeholders from around California to discuss key issues and changes in this new funding program. Field experts will share expertise and best practices and all participants are encouraged to give feedback both during and outside of events.

Join public health and transportation professionals around the state for these upcoming webinars.

Measuring health and equity for the Active Transportation Program
Thursday, December 5, 2013 | 9:00am – 10:00am PST Register today!
 Dr. John Faust will be speaking on CalEnviroScreen: A Tool for Evaluating California Communities. Carla Blackmar and Dr. Neil Maizlish will present on Active Transportation Investments and Health: Is it possible to link ATP investments to health outcomes? 
Improving project competitiveness through regional planning
January 23, 2014
ATP guidelines: How will Safe Routes to School projects fare?
February 27, 2014
ATP application processes: MPO vs. State
March 27, 2014

Additional topics as well as details for the above topics are pending, stay tuned!

Safe Routes National Partnership takes CLIF’s 2 Mile Challenge

Presenting the RED TEAM!

Dear Friends,

CLIF 2 Mile ChallengeThe Safe Routes to School National Partnership (National Partnership) is pleased to be a part of the CLIF 2 Mile Challenge as the 2011 RED TEAM. And we need your help! Sign up under the RED TEAM, log your bike trips, and you’ll earn valuable points that will help the National Partnership win a share of $100,000!

The 2 Mile Challenge highlights CLIF Bar’s commitment to bicycle advocacy and the fight against climate change, inspiring thousands to avoid 100,000 car trips and awarding $100,000 total in grants to three national nonprofits — we are joined by the Alliance for Biking and Walking and, as well as grants to grassroots initiatives across the country. Read more of this post

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