Riverside County Health Department Uses Bar Codes to Measure Walking Program

The Orrenmaa Elementary School, in the City of Riverside, instituted Safe Routes to School National Walk to School day and Walking Wednesdays in 2010, supported by the Riverside County Health Department’s (RCHD’s) Injury Prevention Services. In the past two years, approximately 200 students from the elementary school regularly participate in the Walking Wednesday program out of a total school population of 800 students. The continued success of the Safe Routes to School Program encouraged RCHD and the school district to elevate the program through piloting a new on-line evaluation program using bar code scanning technology to measure walking data.

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, the school is one of the early adopters of this bar code scanning technology to walking and bicycling programs for to presenting real time data and active transportation metrics. Participating students will carry key tags, shaped like a shoe, on lanyards on their way to school (pictured below on the right). Once students arrive at school, parent volunteers will scan the tags using wireless bar code scanners. Then, the data will be uploaded onto a website administered by the Safe Routes To School program. Parents are given the option to receive an email or text letting them know that their child arrived at school. At the same time, Orrenmaa will add two more programs for students: (1) Running Club/Fit Fridays and (2) Special Needs students will be given the opportunity to earn rewards by walking/rolling during recess. Read more of this post

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