Santa Monica’s Bike It! Day grows, inspires

Localizing the Walk to School Day efforts in Southern California

Photo Credit: Gary Kavanagh, of Gary Rides Bikes on Flickr

Bike It Day 2010: Additional bike parking provided by the City and LACBC, and a temporary bike lane was created with cones leading to campus Samohi's East entrance.

Just four short years ago, an effort to reduce Santa Monica High School’s carbon footprint, the Samohi Solar Alliance (SSA) started Bike It! Day. On Bike It! Day, which falls on Wednesday, October 5th this year, SSA challenges the students of the Santa Monica School District to “leave the car at home” and seek other methods of transportation to and from school. Biking, walking, skateboarding, and using public transit are all encouraged. The most recent Bike It! Days produced tremendous results. What began with less than 100 participants at the high school in 2007, turned into 3,300 participants across the district, which was more than 30 percent of the total enrollment. Of that number, 700 students biked to school.

Since Bike It! Day’s inception, the number of people who bike to school every day has increased to the point where more bike racks were needed to accommodate the increase. Upwards of 120 students bike to school each day in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SM-MUSD) — but just a few years ago the racks were sparsely filled with around twenty bikes on a good day. Now, Bike It!/Walk It! Day has proved to be extremely beneficial to the SM-MUSD community, not only bringing together schools, parents, students, administration, and local businesses, but also as an effort in combating global warming, one bike at a time. Read more of this post

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