Los Angeles County

Best practices around the Los Angeles county

Hot topic — Keeping violence off the streets

We at SRTS SoCal realize that not just speeding motorists, but dark, unlit streets, gangs and crime also deter students from walking to school. We are actively looking for any research or programs that tackle violence prevention on the streets, at schools and open space. The City of Los Angeles’ Summer Night Lights or the community’s patrol efforts in John M. Liechty Middle School are outstanding local examples. Please send us any relevant news to us in the comments.

Local resources & research

Where are the local projects?

Want more details? See full California Safe Routes to School federal and state funding spreadsheet here.

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LA County Department of Public Health PLACE Program -  Policies for Livable, Active Communities and EnvironmentsCoalition for an Active South L.A. of Community Health CouncilsMove LA Los Angeles Food Policy Council     T.R.U.S.T. South LA - Tenemos que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar la Tierrastreetsblog.net

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