Safe Routes to School: Websites
2017    Toolkit, Website

An online training for adult school crossing guards in Minnesota. 

2016    Toolkit, Website

This curriculum was developed to be used in physcial education classes for all grades in Arkansas. The curriculum is aimed at rural communities and includes outlines of different lessons, activities, and all of the materials a teacher would need to implement bicycle and pedstrian safety education.

2016    Toolkit, Website

"Be A Roll Model" is a campaign to encourage everyone to model safe behaviors to enhance the safety of all road users, including those who bicycle.

2016    Toolkit, Website

Who has the right-of-way? All vehicles must follow right-of-way rules to safely cross intersections. Right-of-way is an activity for children that helps them understand who goes first at an intersection.

2016    Website

Looking for more information or support for Safe Routes to School in Washington state? Join the Safe Routes to School Action Network.

2016    Website

Looking for more information or support for Safe Routes to School in Oregon? Join the Oregon Safe Routes to School Network!

2015    Website
January 28, 2016

Safe Kids Wordwide provides walking safety tips for children and parents.

2014    Toolkit, Website

This web-based resource offers law enforcement officers tips, tools, and resources for supporting Safe Routes to School efforts and overall pedestrian bicycle safety efforts geared for use at the community level.


This training seeks to highlight important planning tips and strategies for planning a walking school bus program. Participants will gain an understanding of how to prepare, build momentum and launch a walking school bus program, including identifying community partners, and securing program funding.

Fact Sheet, Website

These briefings sheets were developed with funding support from the National Center for Safe Routes to School. The briefing sheets are intended for use by transportation engineers and planners to support their active participation in the development and implementation of Safe Routes to School programs and activities.