Healthy Communities: Journal Articles
2020    Journal Article

This document provides some ideas for how to stay active while practicing safe social distancing, including ways to make your walk more fun, Earth Day themed activities, and safe walking and biking educational resources.

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2016    Journal Article, Research

Key takeaway:

  • Sharing health data with communities can start conversation about inequities and need for change, and metrics selected with a purpose in mind can track progress. Gathering health measurements can be challenging and should incorporate multi-sector partners.
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2016    Journal Article, Research

Key takeaway:

  • A comprehensive approach to bicycle safety incorporates bicycle education in addition to road engineering.
2015    Journal Article

Abstract: Over the past several decades, obesity has grown into a major global epidemic. In the United States, more than two-thirds of adults are now overweight and one-third is obese. In this article, we provide an overview of the state of research on the likely economic impact of the US obesity epidemic at the national level. 

2014    Journal Article, Research
October 8, 2015

Key Takeaway: Walking and biking to school is an important part of multi-component comprehensive school physical activity programs (CSPAPs).

Journal Article, Laws and Policies

To help policymakers avoid crossing constitutional boundaries, we distilled thelegal concepts most relevant to formulating policies aimed at preventing obesity; police power; allocation of power among federal, state, and local governments; freedom of speech; property rights; privacy; equal protection; andcontract rights.

Journal Article

This policy statement highlights how the built environment of a community affects children’s opportunities for physical activity. Neighborhoods and communities can provide opportunities for recreational physical activity with parks and open spaces, and policies must support this capacity.