New Transformative Climate Communities Program Will Fund Active Transportation Projects!

screenshot-2017-02-09-16-41-42The Strategic Growth Council has released revised Scoping Guidelines for the brand-new Transformative Climate Communities program, which is funded with $140 million in cap-and-trade revenue (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund). The program will fund large-scale community planning and implementation projects in disadvantaged communities, and can include investments in walking and bicycle infrastructure and programming. This initial round will focus on three communities: Fresno, Los Angeles and a third location that has yet to be determined (though likely in the San Bernardino area). Planning grants are also available for up to ten communities. The final guidelines will be released in late April after another round of feedback on these Scoping Guidelines.

Workshops: There will be three regional workshops. Additional details are available in this flyer:

  • Wednesday, February 15, 6-8pm: Fresno
  • Wednesday, February 22, 6-8pm: Los Angeles
  • Thursday, February 23, 6-8pm: San Bernardino

SGC also held an all-day Summit in Sacramento on Friday, February 10 to gather feedback on the program and what stakeholders want to see funded in their communities.

Key Highlights of the Draft Scoping Guidelines:

  • The program objectives include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health and environmental benefits, and expanding economic opportunity. Applicants must identify goals related to these objectives, as well as indicators for how to achieve them.
  • Project thresholds include preventing displacement, ensuring community engagement, leveraging funding (a 50% match is required), and tracking of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Active transportation infrastructure is eligible to be funded with the program.
  • Other eligible projects include those that are eligible under other GGRF program including the AHSC, TICRP, Urban Greening and Low Carbon Transportation programs.
  • Collaboration is encouraged: local governments, nonprofits, community-based organizations and other groups should work together on the proposal and implementation of the project.
  • Even though the cities have been chosen, the selection process will still be competitive, with each city putting forth multiple proposals for different neighborhoods.
  • The project must focus on a particular neighborhood within the city, defined by political or social boundaries.
  • The program will focus on disadvantaged communities. Only Census tracts within the top 5% of CalEnviroScreen are eligible for funding.

For more details, read the draft Scoping Guidelines. For more information on the TCC program in general, visit SGC’s TCC program webpage. We are excited to see another state grant program include funding for active transportation projects!


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