ATP Cycle 3 Update: California Transportation Commission Approves Statewide Award Recommendations

2015 ATP Simple BannerThe California Transportation Commission (CTC) approved the latest round of Active Transportation Program (ATP) grants at its December 7 meeting in Riverside. As we detailed in our last post about ATP Cycle 3, the CTC staff released the award recommendations for the statewide (50%) and small urban/rural (10%) portions of ATP funding in late October. This meeting allowed the Commissioners to review the project list, hear public comments and officially approve the recommendations. The full list of funded projects is available here.

There were a few changes between the initial project list and the final one, due to a scoring error on one of the applications. The applicants for the CV Link project, which would would have received $24 million, miscalculated the percentage of Census tracts within disadvantaged communities and where injuries & fatalities occurred, so its score dropped from an 89 to 85.5. The scoring cutoff was an 89, so it fell off the list. More information on what led to the score drop is available at Streetsblog and the Desert Sun. As a result, five new projects were added to the award list and one will receive full funding instead of partial funding initially recommended. The revised award list can be viewed here.

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership’s California team attended the CTC meeting and provided comments on the ATP Cycle 3 awards. We supported the large number of Safe Routes to School projects (over half of funding this Cycle went to SRTS projects) but were concerned that only two non-infrastructure projects and two plans were funded out of the 55 projects recommended for funding. We will continue our advocacy with the CTC, Caltrans and legislature to find a solution to this lack of funding in future rounds. We also submitted a comment letter to CTC in advance of the meeting, which you can view here. Our recommendations focused on the following:

  • Focus Investments on Non-Motorized Facilities Only
  • Safeguards Needed in Project Evaluation for Determining Benefit to Disadvantaged Communities
  • Additional Review Needed for Larger Projects
  • Calculating Percentage of Funds Benefitting to Disadvantaged Communities
  • Different Evaluation Procedure Needed for Multi-Phase Projects
  • Further Decline in Investments in Planning & Non-Infrastructure Projects

Next Steps: These awards represent 60% of the available funds from ATP Cycle 3. The nine MPOs that receive the 40% regional share of ATP funding are still reviewing applications, including those not funded through the statewide portion, and will be releasing their recommendations early next year. The CTC is expected to approve the remaining projects at their March 2017 meeting. You can view the funding estimate for each MPO here. Cycle 4 of the ATP is expected to be released in 2019.

The scores for all the applications submitted for ATP Cycle 3 are available here:

You can also view all the successful applications here.

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