Plan Bay Area Preferred Scenario Released

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) released a draft preferred land use scenario toward the development of Plan Bay Area 2040. The Draft Preferred Scenario represents a regional pattern of household and employment growth by the year 2040, and includes a corresponding transportation investment strategy.

The Draft Preferred Scenario will be presented at several public meetings, before the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board adopt a final preferred scenario at a joint November 2016 meeting. This final scenario will form the foundation for Plan Bay Area 2040, slated for final adoption in 2017.

Public comments on the Draft Preferred Scenario should be submitted by October 14 to MTC via email at

None of the scenarios assessed by MTC and ABAG staff achieve the physical activity and health goals set by MTC. The Healthy and Safe Communities target is a decrease in negative health impacts of 10%. All scenarios assessed fall far short of that goal, with the draft preferred scenario only decreasing negative health impacts by 1%. (The 1% figure is still the best of any of the scenarios assessed.)




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