ATP Cycle 3 Update: 456 Applications Received, Requesting $977.6M

The deadline for Cycle 3 of the Active Transportation Program (ATP) was June 15, 2016, and Caltrans has released the log of applications. There were 456 applications submitted requesting approximately $977.6 million. Only $240 million is available from ATP Cycle 3, demonstrating once again that there is high demand for funding for active transportation projects in California, and a great need to increase the amount of funding going to ATP. While the number of applications is down in this cycle (both Cycles 1 and 2 saw over 600 applications), the amount of funding requested comes close to matching the $1 billion plus that was requested in both Cycles 1 and 2.

Some other observations from reviewing the log of applications:

  • The log doesn’t specify which are Safe Routes to School projects, but by our count, 127 applications (27.9%) contain the word “Safe Routes to School” (abbreviated to SRTS/SR2S or written out) or “school” in their project description.
  • 110 applications have a non-infrastructure component (24.1%), and 38 are standalone non-infrastructure projects (8.3%). The majority of these are Safe Routes to School projects. In terms of funding, $22.5 million is requested for standalone non-infrastructure projects, about 2.3% of the total amount requested.
  • There are only around 17 applications (3.7%) with the word “plan” in the project description. Some of these may be Safe Routes to School plans or other projects that are not actual plans, but this number is low compared to previous rounds.
  • Information on projects in disadvantaged communities is not yet available as applications with this designation need to be vetted by Caltrans and the evaluators first.
  • There is widespread demand for ATP funding in communities large and small, rural and urban. The following pie chart breaks down the percentage of funding requested by Caltrans district (map of districts here). Among the “big 4” MPOs, the SCAG region requested approximately 37.6% , MTC 18.4%, SACOG 11.5% and SANDAG 5.9% of ATP funding (note that these regions and several others also receive 40% of the $240M to distribute through a regional process).

ATP by District pie chart

Next Steps: Now that the applications are in and have been logged, evaluation teams are being setting up and will be reviewing the applications in August. The awards for the state and rural pots of ATP funding are expected to be announced in October and approved by the California Transportation Commission in December.


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