MTC Approves Regional ATP Guidelines

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) approved the guidelines for the regional portion of the Active Transportation Program. Forty percent of the statewide total of ATP funds are distributed by larger MPOs, and MTC for Cycle 3 will be awarding $20 million.

The guidelines reflect some differences from the statewide ATP requirements. There will be a set-aside target of 20 percent of the regional funds for projects that are under $1 million. Forty percent of the points that will go for projects that support disadvantaged communities in the statewide application will instead be used to give points for projects that have been identified in MTC’s Community-Based Transportation Plans (CBTPs). A carryover from prior regional ATP guidelines is that additional points will be awarded to jurisdictions that have complied with MTC’s Complete Streets policy as part of the One Bay Area Grant.

The National Partnership and Public Advocates submitted a  letter expressing support for some of the changes, including the points for Complete Streets and the small-project target, but expressed some concern that projects identified in the CBTPs need to demonstrate continued relevance to disadvantaged communities.

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