Bay Area Regional Safe Routes to School Funding and Complete Streets Policies Advance

Updates to Regional Safe Routes to School funding and Complete Streets requirements continue to advance at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

The current staff proposal was discussed but not voted on at a meeting of the MTC Programming and Allocations Committee last week. The proposal calls for filling a gap in Regional SRTS funding and continuing to fund the program for five additional years. It also alters the Complete Streets policy, requiring a jurisdiction to either pass a policy resolution or certify that their general plan has been updated with Complete Streets elements more recently than 2010.

The updated funding and policy issues are part of the proposed Cycle 2 of the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG), which in turn is part of the ongoing Regional Transportation Plan known as Plan Bay Area.

Seven organizations including the National Partnership sent MTC a letter outlining our desire to see the Complete Streets requirement move in the direction of on-the-ground implementation, including developing measures of success for Complete Streets policies and better use of MTC’s Complete Streets checklist. The current policy has resulted in over ninety percent of Bay Area jurisdictions having some kind of Complete Streets policy on the books.

The OBAG2 proposal will next be taken up at the MTC Commission meeting on November 18.

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