First conference hearings for Special Session on Transportation only focuses on roads and business interests


In June, the Governor convened an “extraordinary session” to raise revenue for our roads and infrastructure.

We secured a number of wins in two bills, SBX1-1 and ABX1-23, that would put in place the following:  

  • Any road maintenance project funded by the State Highway Operation Protection Program or State Transportation Improvement Project must provide for complete streets improvements where feasible
  • Require comprehensive reporting on new revenue raised in the special session to show how the projects move the state forward on our ambitious climate, health, and equity goals
  • Increase the Active Transportation Program by $125 million
  • Prioritize disadvantaged communities in new funding for road maintenance   

Unfortunately, legislators could not come together in time to make a deal during the regular session. Now, the special session on transportation has moved into conference. Both the Assembly and Senate have selected members to work together in conference to create a deal that promotes bipartisanship and fixes our streets, highways, and bridges. The National Partnership attended both conference hearings in Sacramento and Ontario to encourage legislators to work together to move forward a deal that focuses on fix-it first infrastructure and invests in transit, walking, and bicycling so we can meet our ambitious climate, health, and equity goals. We also signed onto a coalition letter and statement of principles to further outline our recommendations for the conference committee.

Unfortunately, the first conference hearings were dominated by road and business interests who want to see this funding continue our status quo of building, expanding, and repair our highway and roads without considering our call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the next couple of months, the conference committee will continue to meet and craft a deal that can be voted on in January by the entire legislature. We need more voices at the table calling for our legislators to ensure that this new funding does not fulfill status quo but instead helps us move forward on our ambitious state goals to reduce greenhouse gases and create sustainable communities with safe walking and bicycling for all. If you are interested in being a part of this conversation, please sign onto our comment letter and email to join our coalition and help educate our legislators on this important opportunity!

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