SCAG Launches Go Human Campaign to Promote Safe Walking and Bicycling!

  GOHUMAN-WEB-BANNER-300x250_WATCH_ENGOn Monday, September 28, the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) officially launched the Go Human campaign, a safety and encouragement campaign meant to promote safe walking and bicycling while also reminding drivers to pay attention to pedestrians and bicyclists. The campaign is funded through a $2.3 million Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant from Cycle 1 that SCAG received in 2014. The goals of the campaign are to reduce traffic collisions in Southern California and encourage people to walk and bike more. Messages will appear on freeway billboards, buses and bus shelters across the six-county SCAG region. The Go Human campaign is a collaborative effort between SCAG and the public health and county transportation commissions in Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.

GOHUMAN-WEB-BANNER-300x250_BIKES_ FULL_LANE_ENGThe press materials mention that:

“Go Human raises public awareness of the rules of the road through English and Spanish advertising on radio, billboards, buses, bus stops and social media. Go Human utilizes a series of ads where figures in everyday road signs are replaced with images of real people walking and bicycling. By conveying that these aren’t just signs, Go Human reminds us that our actions and decisions, when driving, walking and bicycling, impact real people.

More than half of the 191 cities in the Southern California region have been aggressively pursuing funding opportunities to create safer and more attractive streets for walking and biking. By encouraging Southern California residents to walk and bike more, SCAG’s Go Human Campaign plays a key role in this transformation. As cities around the world have shown, walking and bicycling are an efficient means to move people and connect commuters to public transit. In the SCAG region, approximately 37.5 percent of all trips are less than three miles, a distance that can easily be covered walking or bicycling. Go Human encourages residents to consider walking or bicycling for these short trips.”

GOHUMAN-SOCIAL-MEDIA-640x832-STOP_ENGIn addition to this advertising campaign, there will be a series of events in partnership with local communities across the region beginning in May 2016, in conjunction with Bike Month. These events will include open street gatherings and demonstration projects, or “pop-ups” designed to allow residents to temporarily envision and experience roadways that are designed for people and not just cars. These events will also create opportunities for residents to provide input and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

For more information about the campaign, you can visit All marketing materials for Go Human are available for co-branding by local cities, agencies and organizations interested in participating. The billboards and other materials are all available for download here. You can also like the campaign on, Facebook, follow it on Twitter and use the hashtag #gohumansocal to join the conversation!

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