California Legislature Adjourns in Memory of Deb Hubsmith

unnamedTributes and remembrances celebrating Deb Hubsmith’s legacy continue to pour in from partners, organizations, and those whose lives were impacted by Deb in California and across the nation. Deb’s family has shared a tribute and plans for her memorial services, as well as her obituary. A Celebration of Life for family, friends and the wider community is planned for Saturday, October 10 at the Mill Valley Community Center. More details will be forthcoming at and we will share them on our website as they are available.

Today, Deb would be especially proud to know that the California Assembly adjourned with a tribute honoring her life and work. Assemblymember Marc Levine, who represents the district where Deb lived, delivered a moving speech celebrating Deb and the impact that her work left on California and the nation. Deb would have been proud to know that the elected leaders and decision makers in her home state are remembering her life and legacy as they vow to continue investing in safe bicycling and walking infrastructure for every community in California.

In his remarks, Assemblymember Levine said:

“Deb was a passionate, creative, thoughtful, dedicated and tenacious advocate and leader in the movement for healthy, active communities. She brought incredible integrity and commitment to her work to advance safe routes for children and families to walk and bicycle to school and in everyday life. She simply did all the right things for all the rights reasons.”

Assemblymember Levine outlined Deb’s many achievements and accomplishments, both nationally and in California. He concluded by saying:

“In a final statement to the National Partnership’s staff and board members, Deb said, “I have so much gratitude for all of you. Thank you for growing and diversifying our movement for healthy kids, streets and communities.” If Deb were here today, she would call on all of us in the Legislature to continue to increase California’s investment in safe bicycling and walking infrastructure for every community in the state.”

The National Partnership thanks Assemblymember Levine and the California Assembly for this moving tribute to honor Deb.

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