MTC Proposes Changes to Safe Routes to School Funding and Complete Streets Policy

MTC has proposed changes to their Safe Routes to School funding structure and Complete Streets requirement. The changes are part of a proposed One Bay Area Grant Cycle 2.

Safe Routes to School funding will remain at a regional total of $5 million a year for the 5 year cycle of OBAG2. This is the same amount as the prior SRTS cycles of $5 million each year. This amounts then to $25 million total.

Whereas in prior years SRTS money was doled out based on school population, MTC proposes to align the funding with the rest of the OBAG 2 funding, meaning the distribution is related to population and housing formulas. The chart below shows how the funding will change from the current cycle to the next:

County SRTS funding current cycle: % of $5 million per year What that comes to in dollars last cycle per year SRTS under new formula: % of $5 million per year What that will be in dollars, next cycle per year
Alameda 21% $1.05 million 20.8% $1.04 million
Contra Costa 16% $0.8 million 13.1% $0.66 million
Marin 3% $0.15 million 2.5% $0.13 million
Napa 2% $0.1 million 1.4% $0.07 million
San Francisco 7% $0.35 million 14.4% $0.72 Million
San Mateo 10% $0.5 million 8.6% $0.43 Million
Santa Clara 27% $1.35 million 28.7% $1.44 Million
Solano 6% $0.3 million 4.6% $0.23 Million
Sonoma 7% $0.35 million 5.9% $0.30 Million
100% $5  million  100% $5 million

Complete Streets policy change: Instead of requiring every jurisdiction to update their General Plan circulation element, MTC proposes requiring jurisdictions to pass their model policy resolution with its minimum criteria, or certify that the General Plan currently meets the Complete Streets Act criteria. What’s different from last cycle is that a jurisdiction can’t self-certify a General Plan if it hasn’t been updated since 2010. Jurisdictions with older circulation elements will either need to update them or pass the MTC resolution.

These changes will be discussed at workshops and committees through the year with the final vote at the MTC Commission meeting in November.

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