ATP volunteer application reviewers needed

CTC_logoThe California Transportation Commission (CTC) is recruiting volunteers for the application review committee for the Active Transportation Program Cycle 2. Details from the CTC are below:

We anticipate receiving a large number of applications as was the case in Cycle 1.  Therefore we’re looking for a large group of volunteer application evaluators.  Thank you to all the people who have already volunteered – we have about 35 volunteers already signed up.  However we need more people willing to volunteer their time and expertise to help us determine the best projects to fund in the 2015 cycle.

If you are interested in evaluating ATP applications, please send Laurie Waters ( an email with all your contact information by April 15.

Additional information on the evaluation process:

  • Evaluators will be teamed with another reviewer.  Each 2 person team will receive all the same applications to review
  • Evaluators will likely receive 20 to 40 applications to review – depending on number of applications received and number of evaluator teams
  • Evaluators in the 1st ATP cycle averaged 1 to 2 hours of review time per application
  • CTC staff will conduct evaluator training by teleconference in May 2015
  • Evaluation time period will probably be through July 2015 – we’ll start earlier if we can get the applications out sooner
  • Evaluator teams will need to reach a consensus for each application by evaluation criteria
  • CTC staff will regularly communicate with evaluator teams to check on the team’s progress
  • Evaluations will need to be completed by July 31

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