ATP Resources Updated

2015 ATP Simple Banner If you’re working on an Active Transportation Program grant application and are looking for resources take a minute to check out our ATP Online Guide which includes an updated 4-page toolkit, and video and slides from our 2015 Preparing for Cycle II webinar.

There are still Caltrans workshops scheduled throughout April. This cycle they are hosting two series of workshops:

How to Apply for ATP Cycle 2 assists applicants on how to apply for and complete the ATP Cycle 2 Application. See the schedule.

Support for Smaller Agencies and Disadvantaged Communities: Developing Effective Active Transportation Projects and Programs provides technical assistance to smaller agencies and disadvantaged communities to support development of impactful active transportation plans, programs and projects that can successfully compete for ATP funding. The focus will be on the elements that make for a high quality bicycle or pedestrian plan, project, or program (this workshop will not cover the ATP application process or guidelines).

The workshop is a free, full-day (8-hour) training, and will be delivered once in each of the 12 Caltrans districts, beginning in late March through early May of this year. See the schedule and registration information.

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