Caltrans rolls out second set of ATP workshops for disadvantaged communities

ATP dac workshop logosThe Caltrans Active Transportation Program staff have been busy!  In addition to preparing the application document and information needed to release the Cycle 2 call for projects, establishing an ATP Advisory Committee, and assisting Cycle 1 grantees in getting their projects going, ATP staff are traveling all over the state to run TWO sets of workshops in all 12 Caltrans districts.  We commend the staff for all of their hard work and the serious overtime they must be putting in to pull all of this off!

The first set of workshops, which we publicized in a blog earlier this month, are designed to give an overview of Cycle 2 and provide in-depth technical training on how to apply for Cycle 2. Safe Routes to School National Partnership staff are supporting these workshops and co-presenting alongside Caltrans and staff from the Technical Assistance Resource Center.

The second set of workshops will provide technical assistance to small and disadvantaged communities around the state for developing an ATP project, plan, or program. These workshops are led by our partners at the Local Government Commission, California Bicycle Coalition, California Walks, and Rails to Trails Conservancy, and organized in partnership with Caltrans.

Please note that the two sets of workshops are both being offered between now and early May, but will provide different information to potential applicants for ATP funding. If you are interested in applying for Cycle 2 funding on behalf of a small or disadvantaged community and would like assistance with development of your project, we encourage you to attend BOTH workshops in your area.

Here is the schedule for the small and disadvantaged community technical assistance workshops:

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