New transit capital program funds safe routes to transit – call for projects open

berkeley BART plaza

image courtesy of BART Office of District Architect

Last year the State established a new Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP), funded through the Cap and Trade program.  Transit agencies are eligible to apply for small and large capital projects in support of increasing transit ridership and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One important eligible strategy is improving walking and bicycling conditions in the vicinity of transit stations to facilitate active transportation to transit.

A recent study from UC Berkeley revealed a significant increase in walking and bicycling to access transit and significant decrease in driving to transit following active transportation improvements around BART stations in the Bay Area – just the types of improvements we hope to see supported with TIRCP funding.

The California State Transportation Agency is currently accepting applications for TIRCP and will award nearly $125 million through competitive grants by summer 2015. Applications must be submitted electronically to by April 10, 2015. Full details of the call for projects are available here.

All projects must demonstrate that they will achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and 25 percent of program funding must benefit disadvantaged communities. Grant recipients must also show benefits such as improved transit ridership, integration with other rail and transit systems, including high-speed rail, and improved rail safety.  Encourage your local transit agency to include pedestrian and bicycle improvements in their application for TIRCP funds!

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