ATP Grantwriting Assistance Available in LA

LA n SyncInvesting in Place and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) have partnered to help the Los Angeles region support competitive proposals for the California Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 2, the state’s largest dedicated source of funding for safe routes to school and other walking and bicycling projects.

LA n Sync, Investing in Place and LACBC are coming together to make sure Los Angeles County submits competitive and innovative projects for this funding opportunity, with a special emphasis on disadvantaged communities. LA n Sync will provide grant writing and other technical assistance, help strategize and identify financial assistance (such as local match for projects), and make connections between potential applicants that would be more competitive as partners. Agencies seeking support from LA n Sync need to apply by March 18th.

Details on this exciting partnership and a link to the online application can be found at

The following entities are eligible for support:

  • Local, Regional, or State Agencies (i.e. cities, counties, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Planning Agencies, Natural Resource or Public Land Agencies, Public Health Departments
  • Transit Agencies
  • Public Schools or School Districts
  • Community-based organizations, if in partnership with one of the above eligible applicants

Please contact Eric Bruins at or (213) 629-2142, ext. 127, or Jessica Meaney at or (213) 210-8136 with any additional questions or applying for assistance from LA n Sync.

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