AHSC grant program update, technical assistance in Feb

IMG_0530This afternoon the Strategic Growth Council approved Guidelines for the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program, funded in 2014-15 with $130 million in Cap and Trade dollars.

The AHSC is the primary opportunity for active transportation projects to receive Cap and Trade funding this year, as part of integrated proposals alongside affordable housing and transit developments. The National Partnership and our statewide active transportation partners submitted a letter to the SGC back in October asking for stronger criteria for walk/bike connectivity and integration in the AHSC Program Guidelines, and SGC and member agency staff did a thorough job of incorporating many of our suggestions.

Schedule for applications

The SGC will release the funding announcement and invite concept proposals starting January 30, with a deadline of February 19 for concept proposals. Approved concepts will be invited to submit a full application in March.

Technical Assistance

In early February, AHSC program staff will tour the state giving a series of full-day technical assistance workshops for potential applicants, including training from the Air Resources Board on quantifying greenhouse gas reductions. We encourage all partners interested in the AHSC to attend and get your questions answered. The TA workshops are scheduled on the following days:

Feb 4 – San Diego
Feb 5 – San Bernadino
Feb 6 – Los Angeles
Feb 9 – Bakersfield
Feb 10 – Stockton
Feb 11 – Oakland

More details and locations for the TA workshops will be posted soon on the SGC website.

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