MTC Votes to Support Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets

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Last Wednesdsay, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) voted to fully fund the Regional Safe Routes to School (RSTS) program for a fifth year, and also reiterated a committment to advancing Complete Streets.
Responding to a shortfall in federal funds, MTC staff and the Programming and Allocations Committee had proposed extending the RSRTS program by one year, but at half the funding ($2.7 million as opposed to the current yearly allocation of $5 million). Advocates weighed in that the RSTS is vital to support the health, safety, and education of children, and that the effective cut would result in potential program layoffs and schools being cut from the program. Commissioners at the meeting spoke up in agreement with these concerns, and added that the RSTS helps MTC meet its adopted health, safety, and climate change goals.
In the end, commissioners voted unanimously to direct MTC staff to make up the $2.3 million shortfall and present options for doing so to the commission within six months as part of a broader discussion of the next cycle of RSTS and One Bay Area Grant funding.
Another aspect of the vote maintains the Complete Streets requirement in OBAG, but delays by one year a requirement that General Plan circulation elements be updated. MTC requires jurisdictions to pass a resolution or certify that their General Plan complies with California’s Complete Streets Act in order to receive OBAG funds. Over ninety-percent of jurisdictions have complied with this policy.
However, jurisdictions that passed a resolution were to also update their General Plan by the end of January 2015. Last Wednesday’s vote maintains this requirement but delays it by one year. Advocates delivered a sign on letter with 12 signatories to MTC expressing concern that the requirement not be dropped, and instead engage a conversation with  walking, bicycling, Safe Routes to School, and active transportation stakeholders and advocates to determine the best next steps.

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