$9.8 Million Available through Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants

Caltrans has released the Call for Applications for the 2015-2016 Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants. $9.8 million is available to regional and local government agencies through two programs—the Strategic Partnerships grants and the Sustainable Communities grants.

The Strategic Partnerships grants fund planning projects that address statewide/interregional deficiencies in the state highway system and strengthen government-to-government relationships. Example project types include corricaltrans logodor studies, studies for relinquishment of state routes, transportation demand management plans, and system investment prioritization plans.

The Sustainable Communities grants fund planning projects that address multimodal transportation deficiencies, encourage stakeholder collaboration, involve active public engagement, and integrate Smart Mobility 2010 concepts. Example project types include Safe Routes to School plans, complete street plans, bicycle and pedestrian safety enhancement plans, health equity transportation studies, and studies that evaluate accessibility and connectivity of the multimodal transportation network.

Applications are due October 31st!

We encourage communities to apply for these grants as they are excellent opportunities to move your multimodal transportation initiatives forward. The National Partnership is available to support your efforts to work with Caltrans to create a balanced, comprehensive multimodal transportation system by providing feedback on your application or through a formal partnership as a sub-applicant. Please contact Michelle Lieberman, Technical Assistance Project Manager, at michelle@saferoutespartnership.org to discuss ways in which we can support your efforts.

Visit http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/tpp/grants.html for more information about the grants and to download application materials.


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