Governor vetoes Safer School Zones Bill

IMG_0943The Governor let us down!  SB 1151, the Safer School Zones Bill, which would have increased safety for children walking and bicycling to schools statewide, passed the Legislature with unanimous, bi-partisan support in August only to be vetoed by Governor Brown this week.

SB 1151 would have gone a long way to improve safety near schools by increasing fines for driving violations committed in school zones, and increased revenue for Safe Routes to School projects and programs by putting the additional fine revenue through the state Active Transportation Program.  Sadly, the Governor didn’t support a strategy that would put the same value on school zone safety that we currently apply to construction zones on our state highways.

The National Partnership co-sponsored SB 1151 this year with TransForm and the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program, and after all the support the bill received in the Legislature we’re very disappointed that the Governor passed up a critical opportunity to fund more Safe Routes to School.  We’ll be back next year to keep fighting for safer streets for our children, and we’ll continue to need your support!

Send an email to your California legislator right now to thank them for supporting SB 1151.

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