UCLA Webinar 9/16 on Multi Modal Performance Measures

indexJoin researchers Madeline Brozen and Herbie Huff from the UCLA Lewis Center on September 16th from noon – 1pm PDT for a webinar on measuring multi-modal travel.  RSVP here!

In the last decade, a number of new metrics have arisen that purport to measure a street’s performance for walking and bicycling. These include:

1) Multimodal Level-of-Service in the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual,
2) the Bicycle / Pedestrian Environmental Quality Index (BEQI/PEQI) from the San Francisco Department of Health, and
3) Bicycle and Pedestrian Level of Service Method originated in Charlotte, NC.

How do these methods work? How were they developed? How do they stack up against one another? We share results from our yearlong research project examining these metrics.

Key takeaways from webinar to be:

  • Each tool has shown promise, but we have not found any “silver bullet.” Cities wanting to use any of these tools should consider data availability and policy context.
  • These multi-modal metrics are a response to automobile level-of-service and its dominance in transportation policy. Rather than try to replace auto LOS with biking and walking LOS, cities are better served by thinking about the bicycling and pedestrian experience and what aspects of it they want to measure.
  • These tools produce a single score. The biking and walking experience has numerous dimensions (delay, separation from vehicles, crowding, etc). Information is lost, and the final score encodes value judgments.

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