City of Los Angeles Safe Routes to School Programs Win $22 Million in ATP Grants

Included in the $71 million for walking and biking projects in Los Angeles County just awarded by the California Transportation Commission is $22 million for Safe Routes to School projects and programs in the City of Los Angeles. In 2011 the LA City Council funded two pedestrian coordinator positions at LADOT as a result of the advocacy efforts by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, Los Angeles Walks and LACBC. The coordinators were tasked with creating a citywide Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan. For the first time, LADOT prioritized schools based on objective criteria and developed competitive funding applications. LADOT’s priorities lined up closely with the scoring criteria for the new state Active Transportation Program, resulting in this unprecedented amount of funding coming to LADOT for safe routes to school efforts.

Who was one of the strongest champions of using metrics to strategically prioritize city efforts? Former Councilmember Eric Garcetti. Congratulations to Mayor Garcetti, LADOT and the students across Los Angeles who will benefit from this new funding!

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