Active Transportation Program awards confirmed by CTC

ATP-WebBanner-600x300Yesterday the California Transportation Commission (CTC) officially adopted the staff recommended list of projects for Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 1 funding.

See the adopted list of projects here; awarded projects are on pages 10-13.  

145 walking and bicycling projects – including 94 that contribute to providing Safe Routes to School for kids statewide – will receive state and federal funding over the next several years. An additional 40 percent of the ATP Cycle 1 funds, or $147 million, is still to be awarded by Metropolitan Planning Organizations in November 2014.

Several agencies, local policymakers, and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership all provided feedback on the ATP to the CTC at yesterday’s hearing.  With 771 applications and only 145 awards, many communities around the state were understandably disappointed, and all the comments at the hearing called for the CTC to revise and strengthen the application review process for the 2015 call for projects. The National Partnership and our partners statewide will continue to be closely involved in that process.

What is most clear after this first cycle is the significant need for more resources and funding for this program.  Commissioner Madaffer from San Diego articulated simply that “there is not enough funding for transportation overall, but especially for active transportation.”

Hundreds of very worthy projects that scored well in the competitive ranking were not awarded.  After all the hours of staff time that went into preparing applications and the community support behind many of the projects, it is discouraging to applicants and the communities that strongly support those projects to not make the award list. We will continue to encourage the state to look for opportunities to increase funding for the ATP and enable these projects to move forward.

With that said, we do want to congratulate all of our partners around the state that were successful in receiving an award through the Statewide and Small Urban/Rural Competitions!  Out of those two portions of the program, roughly $119 million will support Safe Routes to School projects and local programs and $189 million will provide a benefit to disadvantaged communities. Also, the 145 projects on the award list are leveraging an additional $207 million in local matching funds, which means that $426 million will support new walking and bicycling projects in the next few years. This is great for the state of California and for the health and well-being of its residents!

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