One more step for the Safer School Zones Bill, then it’s up to Governor Brown

IMG_2056It’s that time again!  Youth and families around the state are gearing up to head back to school, and worrying about how to get there safely.

All kids should be able to walk or bicycle to school without being put in harm’s way, which is why the National Partnership co-sponsored SB 1151 this year. SB 1151, the Safer School Zones Bill, will increase safety for school children statewide by increasing penalties for traffic violations in school zones by $35 and putting that additional revenue into the state Active Transportation Program specifically for Safe Routes to School improvements and programs.

The Legislature also headed back into session last week, and moved SB 1151 another critical step forward with a 17-0 vote in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  In case you’re keeping track, Safer School Zones have so far received unanimous legislative support in every committee that has heard the bill. Only one vote remains – the full Assembly – before SB 1151 heads to Governor Brown’s desk for signature.

Despite the overwhelming support for Safer School Zones, Governor Brown is skeptical of fines – no matter how important an issue the fine may be addressing.  We need to convince him that SB 1151 is different and warrants his support! Providing children with a safe and active route to school is critical to the future of California, and SB 1151 is part of the solution.

TAKE ACTION! We need you to help by expressing your support for Safer School Zones in California…

  • Post to Twitter or Facebook right now with hashtag #SaferSchoolZones and @JerryBrownGov and tell Governor Brown why he needs to sign SB 1151.  Include a photo like the one of Sophia above telling us why Safer School Zones are so important in your community!
  • Send an email to Governor Brown today

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