ATP preliminary award list posted – $119 MILLION FOR SRTS!

The initial results for ATP Cycle 1 are in!  California Transportation Commission staff has just released the list of 145 projects that staff recommends for $221 million in Active Transportation Program funds through the Statewide and Small Urban/Rural program components. The list still must be adopted by the Commission at the August 20 CTC meeting in San Jose before awards are officially confirmed.

See the full staff recommendation for the Statewide and Small Urban/Rural Active Transportation Program Awards

Though we have to wait for final adoption and confirmation by the Commission on August 20, we’re excited to see that Safe Routes to School projects and programs and disadvantaged communities fared extremely well!  Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 94 Safe Routes to School Projects are recommended for $119 million in ATP funding, including:
    • 81 projects ($100 million) in the Statewide funding pot and 13 projects ($19 million) in the Small Urban/Rural funding pot
    • 53 projects ($22 million) are (or include) non-infrastructure SRTS programs (47 Statewide, 6 Small Urban/Rural)
  • 110 projects  benefit or partially benefit disadvantaged communities, including:
    • $189 million in funds for disadvantaged communities ($160M Statewide, $29M Small Urban/Rural)

Including matching funds, an additional $207M in funding will support the 145 projects recommended for ATP awards.  In total, that adds up to $426 million for walking and bicycling projects and programs in the next two budget years.  Keep in mind that the large MPOs still have $147 million in ATP funds to award, and their lists are due by November.  If your project didn’t make the CTC list but is located in a large MPO region, it is still eligible to compete for an award this year.

This is exciting news for the future of walking and bicycling in the State of California!  We will hold our official congratulations to the agencies that are recommended to receive awards until the Commission adopts the final list on August 20, but great work by all the applicants, reviewers, and staff that devoted so much time and energy to the success of the first cycle of the Active Transportation Program.

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