National Partnership asks for transparency for California’s STIP funds

National Partnership staff and partners will be going to a STIP workshop in Los Angeles tomorrow to push for greater transparency in state transportation investments and accountability to ensure those investments support state goals.

So, what is the STIP and why does it matter that the Safe Routes California Network is part of this workshop?


The STIP in under 80 words
The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a five-year funding plan for allocating state and federal dollars to capital improvement projects in California, revised and adopted every two years by the California Transportation Commission. The STIP requirements are biased toward big, expensive projects, and lack strong ties to state goals. Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Caltrans select STIP projects based on regional and interregional priorities. As a result, 81% of the 2014 STIP will go to highway expansion, and only 2% will fund active transportation.

Why the National Partnership is involved
Through our work with the CTC on the Active Transportation Program, the STIP drew our attention as a potential source of walking and bicycling funding that only minimally invests in active modes. We teamed up with ClimatePlan’s State Transportation Work Group to send a comment letter to the CTC in March asking for serious change to the STIP Guidelines and greater transparency in how STIP dollars are contributing (or not) to state goals such as public health, equity, multi-modal mobility, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Partly in response to our letter, the CTC is convening workshops this summer for stakeholders to weigh in on updating the STIP guidelines.

How you can help
Tomorrow’s workshop in LA is the next opportunity to provide input, and we will be there along with many of our partners. If you’re in the LA area, we encourage you to join us!

STIP Workshop
10am-12pm at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)
1 Gateway Plaza, Mulholland Room

Stay tuned for a future opportunity to sign on to comments asking the CTC to improve the STIP, which should result in more STIP dollars going to active transportation projects. If you have ideas or questions or want to get involved contact Jeanie Ward-Waller (

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