$300 Million Requested for Safe Routes to School

ATP Log Cover ImageWe’ve received the final log of applications from the California Transportation Commission showing 771 applications. Total funds requested is just over 1 billionApplicants should verify that their information – especially funding amount – is correct.

The spreadsheet is available in PDF or Excel.

Preliminary numbers indicate that Safe Routes to School and Disadvantaged Community amounts are much higher than expected. 360 of 771 applications were for Safe Routes to School. Of those 360, 107 are non-infrastructure.  Safe Routes to School funding requests total 300 million dollars. Additionally, 465 of the 771 applications indicate that they’re benefiting a disadvantaged community. Disadvantaged community funding requests total 600 million dollars.

Percent SRTS Apps ChartPercent DAC Apps Chart

Finally, make note in your calendars that August 8 is the tentative date the CTC will announce their recommendations. David Giongco from the CTC writes in his blog “…CTC Staff will prepare a programming recommendation for tentative posting on August 8 for presentation to Commissioners at the August 20 meeting.”

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