Join us! July 16th 2:15 Metro Board Room – Planning and Programming Committee

We are asking asking all partners of the Los Angeles County Active Transportation Collaborative to join us on Wednesday July 16th at 2:30 (meet outside the board room at 2:15) for the Metro Planning and Programming Committee meeting to show support for creating an active transportation finance strategy that calculates the need for investment in walking and bicycling in Los Angeles County and identifies revenue sources to meet that need.

This finance strategy would be a blueprint for Metro to increase funding for walking and bicycling by leveraging additional local dollars against new state and federal funds. What could be included in an active transportation finance strategy?

  • An analysis of which jurisdictions lack bicycle, pedestrian and/or safe routes to school plans
  • Metrics for infrastructure access, education and encouragement programs, greenhouse gas reductions and safety improvements
  • An investment goal for active transportation in each local jurisdiction
  • An inventory of funding sources for active transportation and recommended policy changes at Metro and the state and federal government to increase access to additional funding
  • Recommended policy changes to increase obligation rates and project delivery by local jurisdictions

With conversations about a new countywide transportation sales tax heating up, now is the time to strategically plan for new revenues to fund critical transportation priorities, including: pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, safe routes to school and education programs and first/last mile improvements around transit. A finance strategy will lay out a road map for how existing and future transportation revenue sources (e.g. cap and trade, local transportation sales taxes, Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction funds, California’s Active Transportation Program and other federal, state and Metro funds) can address the historical underfunding of walking and bicycling while preparing our county for a more multi-modal future.

  • Wednesday July 16th 2:30 – 4:30pm,  One Gateway Plaza, Union Station (meet outside the board room at 2:15pm) 

Without an active transportation finance strategy, Los Angeles County and the 88 cities struggle to respond on how to achieve the goals for a truly multi-modal transportation system.

A huge thanks to the over 55 organizations who signed onto our Metro Draft Short Range Transportation Plan comment letter and the Los Angeles Unified School District, Move LA, Climate Plan, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Coalition for Clean Air and Natural Resource Defense Council who also submitted letters (links below).  All of these comments on Metro’s Draft Short Range Transportation Plan called out the lack of investment and strategy for active transportation and multi-modal investments for Los Angeles County.

We have posted the comment letters here:

We hope you can join us on July 16th at 2:15! Please RSVP to or if you are able to attend. We want to show support for the Metro Board to develop a robust strategy to address increasing Active Transportation funding for Los Angeles County. We will be lining up speakers, but not all who attend, will need to testify, but we do want to fill the seats and show support.

The draft Metro Short Range Transportation Plan proposes to spend a mere $500 million of the entire 10-year $88.2 billion plan on Active Transportation, or approximately 0.6 percent. Given that 39% of roadway fatalities in Los Angeles county and 19 percent of trips are currently made by these modes, this amount of funding is unacceptably low.  This is not a adequate strategy to achieve the quality of life and regional success for for all who live, work, go to school and play in Los Angeles County. Elected Officials, School Districts, Public Agency staff, community based organizations, public health leaders, business leaders and more are encourage to attend and weigh in. Let’s change this together!

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