Metro Short Range Transportation Plan – Sign onto our comment letter!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.25.20 AMMetro has released a draft short range transportation plan (SRTP) for public comments. This plan guides over $88 Billion dollars worth of transportation investments over the next 10 years in Los Angeles County. View our comment letter here and consider signing on by filling out our google form to sign on.

The Los Angeles County Active Transportation Collaborative supports the development of a clear investment strategy to guide county transportation policy and investments aimed at creating a multimodal transportation system that serves all users of our transportation system. We appreciate this opportunity to comment on the draft Short Range Transportation Plan (SRTP) which aims to advance the long-term goals outlined in Metro’s 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan through 2024, as well as implement the Regional Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) in the 2012 SCAG Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).  View our comment letter here and consider signing on by filling out our google form to sign on.

Over the past two years, the Safe Routes to School National Partnership (National Partnership), Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) have been supporting the Los Angeles Active Transportation Collaborative as a way to engage stakeholders in Los Angeles County to discuss the current policy and finance landscape for active transportation in the region. From public agency staff, elected officials, school districts, community-based organizations and other partners, we have consistently heard that the current lack of supportive policy, local revenue and a regional planning and finance strategy are all barriers to greater investment in walking and bicycling, despite overwhelming need and interest in our communities. These regional challenges continue to go unaddressed in Metro’s draft Short Range Transportation Plan.

After our analysis we found the SRTP does not provide a clear Active Transportation Finance Strategy to address current planning and policy development at Metro such as the First Mile Last Mile Plan, the CSPP, the upcoming Complete Streets Policy, the upcoming Countywide Safe Routes to School Plan or the upcoming Countywide Active Transportation Plan. Based on our analysis of spending levels in other regions and current cost estimates for active transportation projects, we estimate that agencies in Los Angeles County will need to spend approximately $440 million dollars per year to implement their plans for bicycle, pedestrian, Safe Routes to School and First-Last Mile connections to transit over the next 45 years. However, the SRTP proposes to spend a mere $500 million of the entire 10-year $88.2 billion plan on Active Transportation, or approximately 0.6 percent. Given that 39% of roadway fatalities in Los Angeles county and 19 percent of trips are currently made by these modes, this amount of funding is unacceptably low.

We encourage our partners to read our comment letter that we will be submitting by the deadline of June 18th and consider signing on or sending their own comment letter.  View our comment letter here and fill out our google form to sign on.

And we are looking for partners to join us at the following committee meetings to provide additional public comment and input:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board meeting: June 10th 1pm
  • LA Metro’s Policy and Programming Committee meeting: June 18th 2:30pm

Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to contact Jessica Meaney at (213)210-8136 or

8 Responses to Metro Short Range Transportation Plan – Sign onto our comment letter!

  1. Fakey McFakename says:

    I think the real problem here is the way that state law basically splits up transportation responsibilities so much that no-one can really take responsibility for getting things done. SCAG, Metro, Caltrans, County Public Works, City DOTs – everyone’s on a different page, and seemingly unable to co-ordinate. I think it’s clear that the reason Metro’s not acting is that they see it as city DOTs’ responsibility.

    I think you should really look into advocating for state legislation to transfer primary responsibility for active transportation (and streets of countywide significance) to Metro – otherwise, they’ll just pass the buck to cities, who’ll pass the buck to other cities because of co-ordination problems.

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  3. You make some good points Fakey – thanks for weighing in! Good food for thought.

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