Active Transportation Highlighted at SCAG’s General Assembly

May 1st and 2nd saw over 500 people attend the Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) General Assembly in Indian Wells. The General Assembly is SCAG’s yearly meeting of elected officials from across Southern California and represents an opportunity to both look back at the year’s accomplishments and discuss opportunities for the future of transportation policy.

The theme of the 2014 General Assembly was “Partnering for Prosperity: Technology’s Impact on Mobility and Opportunity.” Breakout sessions ranged from improvements in goods movement to poverty and transportation service companies of the future. Of note was the breakout session on “Planning for Active Living, Healthy Food Choices and Thriving Communities,” which looked at the intersection between transportation planning and developing livable communities that promote health and safe options for biking and walking.

SCAG GAThe Safe Routes to School National Partnership took the opportunity to connect with Elected Officials from the 191 cities and submit a comment letter on SCAG’s upcoming Scenario Planning Process that has been signed by over 20 organizations from across Southern California. Together with representatives from the American Lung Association, the Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, the Southern California Public Health Alliance, Move LA, local residents of Coachella Valley and Climate Plan we provided public comments urging SCAG to continue its support of active transportation, expanded transit access, public health and equity.

In addition to open public support for active transportation by many of the speakers, including California’s Secretary of Transportation Brian Kelly, SCAG also presented the 2014 Sustainability Awards to several active transportation planning projects. Notably, Metro won the top prize for its First Last Mile Strategic Plan.

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