Schools as the Centers of our Communities – coordinating efforts in Los Angeles County

Isabelle at Rosemont Elementary in Los Angeles

UPDATE: Meeting has been changed to Tuesday May 20th

Update: We’re at capacity and no longer accepting RSVP’s. We hope you can join us next time.  Please email to find out more. 5/14/14

In Los Angeles County, we have been having more and more meetings with partners working in schools.  Many of our partners, particularly community based organizations are working in schools but having a challenging time interfacing with transportation departments and school districts.

We were recently inspired by a meeting with the National Partnership’s Los Angeles based national shared use staffer Mikaela Randolph with a group called People for Parks, who are doing great work with Community School Parks and Urban Greening efforts in LA City and working on shared use issues. We’d like to share their work with interested partners on Tuesday afternoon May 13th May 20th at our offices in downtown Los Angeles. We want to share their experience and start a conversation and workgroup on schools and transportation in Los Angeles County.  We hope you’ll join us.

One of the reasons we are especially motivated to do this now is  Metro will kick off a Safe Routes to School County level strategic plan this summer. Let’s come together on May 13 May 20th to start to coordinate and sync up efforts.  Please fill out this google form to RSVP and receive meeting details.We’re at capacity! And have closed registration.

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